@MiWayHelps is here to help

//@MiWayHelps is here to help

@MiWayHelps is here to help

March 22: Did you know that MiWay has been helping customers through @MiWayHelps on Twitter for almost three years?

Our customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday from 7am – 7pm and on weekend and holidays from 8am – 6pm to tweet with you and reply to direct messages. We now have more than 2,300 followers! If you have a question or want to tell us about your experience on MiWay we are here to help.

Popular tweet topics over the past year include:

Where’s my bus?

This can be a frustrating one for many commuters and we understand you want to get to where you’re going. With a city as large and busy as ours, there can be delays due to traffic and/or weather. However, customers can now find up-to-the minute, real-time information on their bus by visiting miway.ca/planatrip.

I left something on the bus. Help!

We understand that it happens but please remember to take all of your articles with you when you leave the bus. Call Customer Service or visit the Information Booth at the City Centre Transit Terminal to provide us with a description of your item and the details of the bus you were on so we can try our best to reunite you with your lost item.

How much does it cost?

The cash fare on any MiWay bus is $3.50; however, we encourage all customers to get a PRESTO card because it is less expensive for MiWay customers to use PRESTO to pay for their fare rather than a regular cash fare or a ticket.

PRESTO cards can be set to age specific concessions and the card gives you a two hour virtual transfer from the moment you tap on. Check out miway.ca/presto to learn more about the benefits of PRESTO.